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Myths About Hair Transplant

Over some last few years, there were many new inventions in the field of hair transplant treatment; however, among the general population, there are still many misconceptions.

People are hesitant to go for hair transplant treatment as they are unaware of the real facts and believe the popular untrue myths.

Here are some of the most famous myths regarding hair transplant with their actual facts.

  • 1. Hair transplantation is not suitable for elderly patients.

    This is the most common myth you will get to hear about hair transplantation. This myth hold no scientific fact and is totally illogical. There is no any such age limit for hair transplantation procedure but mostly people under the age group of 21-80 go for it as the symptoms of balding occur most within this age span.

  • 2. The outcome of the treatment is apparent.

    Before the hair transplantation process, the doctor makes sure that the new hair that grows after the treatment must match the texture and quality of your already existing hair. The treatment aims to make your hair look natural.

  • 3. Hair transplantation is only for men.

    Just like the age, hair transplantation has to do nothing with the gender. Hair transplant treatment works effectively in treating both female and male pattern baldness. If a woman has naturally very thin hair or suffer from permanent hair loss - female pattern baldness, they can benefit from a hair transplant in much the same way as men.

  • 4. Washing your hair too often after the hair transplant treatment may cause additional hair loss.

    Shampooing your hair has no effect on the growth of your hair and doesn’t cause any hair loss. You can shampoo your hair as often as you like in a week or so after the procedure.

    In fact it is recommended to keep your treated area clean because it helps in avoiding infection.

  • 5. Hair transplant gives you an immediate result.

    The truth is somehow different from what is believed. In the first 3 weeks after a hair transplant, a major portion of the outside hair falls. This is entirely natural and there is nothing to stress about. The patient will generally get to see the result after a period of 8 months to 1 year.

  • 6. Hair transplant is a painful procedure.

    Like other treatments, hair transplant treatment too is conducted under anesthesia that means that the patient will not feel any kind of pain.

    Even after the completion of the procedure, there is little or no pain, only the slight discomfort sometimes that tends to fade away with time.

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