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Myths about Laser Hair Removal

Many people nowadays prefer laser hair removal treatment to get rid of their unwanted hairs but still there are a large portion of people who are hesitant to take the treatment because of some myths and rumors that exist about laser hair removal.

Here are the top 5 Myths about laser hair removal and the facts that you should know:

  • Myth #1: Laser Hair Removal Can Cause Skin Cancer

    Laser hair removal does not increase your risk for developing skin cancer, or any other type of cancer for that matter.

    Lasers are now a common method of treating sun damaged skin and cancer related skin conditions, such as sun spots.

  • Myth #2: Laser Hair Removal Is Only for Women

    Laser hair removal was earlier only preferred by women but now a days, many men also opt for for laser treatment for chest hair removal, facial hair removal, and back hair removal. Beard shaping, chest, neck, back, arms etc. are favoured sites for LHR in men.

  • Myth #3: Laser Hair Removal Is Too Expensive

    Laser hair removal treatment is a bit costly than your regular shaving or waxing but if you consider its long-term outcome, it is actually worth the investment.

    It does not only save your money on monthly waxing or threading, but also saves your precious time.The treatment is much more cost-effective, safe, quick and efficient if you compare it with other hair removal techniques.

  • Myth #4: Laser Hair Removal Is Permanent

    Laser hair removal treatment guarantee 30-70% of hair reduction once all the procedures involved in it get done.

    The treatment significantly reduces the amount of hair, but there are chances that it will grow in the future. However, the grown hairs after the treatment will be much thinner than those were prior to treatment. To manage this, it is advisable to consult your doctor at least once a year.

  • Myth #5: Laser hair removal is painful

    Laser hair removal can be painful for people having thick dark hair and you might feel a pinprick sensation for the first few sessions but over time, any pain or discomfort reduces as your hair becomes thinner. Anyway, it is much less painful than your regular waxing.

  • Myth #6: Laser Hair Removal causes the hair to grow dense and more often.

    The true fact is that Laser Hair Removal treatment causes a reduction of 10-25% in hair growth after each treatment. You can easily see the results in the density, thickness and growth rate of hair after every treatment session.

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