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Difference Between Hair Weaving and Hair Transplantation

There are many who are facing full baldness or partial loss of hairs here and there on the scalp. We all have the fear of losing hair and indeed it is a very bad feeling to lose them. Luckily, there are treatments available for all kinds of hair problems. There are two major techniques that are well known. You can ask your specialist to do either hair weaving or hair transplant. But before taking any step it is very important to understand the difference between both of these techniques.

Hair Weaving Technique

This is a technique which is not a permanent solution to the baldness problem. In this technique, hairs are added to the scalp. These hairs are either natural or synthetic. You can choose the hair color which you want for your scalp. It should be kept in mind that these hairs are not supposed to grow because they are simply attached to your scalp. Therefore, this technique is not a permanent solution and with time these hairs will keep falling or they will face some damage. If you get hair weaving done, then it is possible that you might have to make regular visits to your specialist after that. Although, hair weaving can work well for you if you are looking for short-term and cost-effective solutions.

prp hair transplant in gurgaon

Hair Transplant Technique

If you are looking for a permanent solution for your problem, then hair transplant is your way to go. In the hair transplant, there are basically two different techniques. These techniques are strip harvesting (FUT) and follicular unit extraction. Your expert can tell you that which technique out of these is suitable for you. In the hair transplant, the hair follicles are transplanted into the scalp wherever baldness is seen. This technique is suitable for both male and female. This technique has long-term benefits. FUE Hair Transplant technique is preferred as compared to FUT as taking out a strip can be painful as compared to taking out the follicle

fue hair transplant in gurgaon

Apart from the Hair Transplant, PRP Hair Therapy is a most popular technique to restore the hairs. Get consultation @ Square root Hair & Laser Clinic to reduce the chances of baldness, hair loss and hair falls. Square Root is the Best hair loss treatment in Gurgaon equipped with the modern infrastructure, easy accessibility, latest equipment and qualified doctors. Go once and have the experience of getting natural looking and growing hairs. Have a great personality.

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