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10 ways to look young in this festive season

Festivals bring joy, excitement and a lot of fun. The spirit is high and everyone is filled with great energy and youthfulness. When there is so much enthusiasm in the ambiance, there is no reason for not looking at the best version of you. Your youthful illuminates the whole atmosphere with your glow and extends your festive vibes to others as well. As they say ‘the way you look is the way you feel'. If you want to lighten up your festivals with a youthful and buoyant look, Square Root Clinic Gurgaon is the right place for you. It provides several skin-rejuvenating treatments that can bring your heydays back like no other means would. All the treatments are done by highly experienced and technically skilled experts. The precision of the treatment here is unmatchable. We consider your comfort and satisfaction is our highest priority. Greatly satisfied customers who loud our services are the evidence of our excellence. Visit the Square Root Clinic Gurgaon, this festive season to get a young vibrant look at the most honest pricing.

Photo facial

Photo facial is an excellent method to reverse the effect of the environment and aging on your skin. It is a safe and effective method. It provides a comprehensive rejuvenation to your skin by removing wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentation, etc. Photo facial uses light energy to stimulate collagen production to heal the skin naturally. Your skin looks young and fresh with no side-effects. The square root clinic provides the photo facial treatment with two techniques, LED and IPL (Intense-pulse light). Both treatments are done with great precision and care. LED treatment would take two to three sessions to bring up visible results but cause no discomfort. You may feel a little uncomfortable with the IPL treatment. However, both of these techniques are safe and cost-effective.


Botulinum treatment is a highly popular treatment for a younger and refreshed look. It is better known as Botox. The procedure is performed by using the botulinum toxin which provides valuable therapeutic protein. In recent years it has become a predominant cosmetic procedure to eliminate facial wrinkles and fine lines. The chemical is injected that relaxes and paralyzes the underlying muscles and reduces the aging effects. The chemical is also used in treating many other medical conditions, which attest that it is harmless. However, it has to be done by some experts like the square root clinic practitioners to ensure positive results. We take the utmost care in the quantity of the chemical used and the accuracy of its insertion.

Derma fillers

Aging brings a lot of visible blotches to your skin. The most common issues are loss of skin volume, skin laxity, furrows, and wrinkles. Derma fillers are amazing in reinstating the youthful character of your skin. The process involves injecting collagen and hyaluronic acid into the affected skin to make it looks smoother and fresher. Fillers are just like providing nutrient supplements directly to your skin. Fillers are great alternatives to surgical nose job and facelift. These are highly popular for lip augmentation and restoration of apple cheeks. The square root provides both stimulators and volumizer fillers. We also provide a combination of treatments with fillers for optimum results.

Chemical peel

A chemical peel is facial of modern time. It provides you a smoother, brighter, lighter and stunning look. It is one comprehensive treatment that can cure many skin problems. It liberates you from tanning, uneven tone, wrinkles, freckles, acne and acne scars, and rough and patchy skin. The procedure includes the application of a chemical solution on your face. This solution exfoliates the outer damaged skin layer. The inner layer is revealed that significantly improves the texture of your skin. The peeling is done at superficial, medium, and deep levels but is restricted to skin layers and is non-invasive.

Facelift and thread lift

These procedures are intended to give you a fresh and young look by tightening your skin. The facelift is a surgical procedure that involves making minor incisions running from the temple to the back of your ears. The facial skin is then pulled and the underlying tissues are realigned to give a smoother and rejuvenated skin. It may take a weak to recover. The square root offers an alternative in thread lift. A thread life, on the other hand, is a revolutionary up-gradation of a facelift. In involves much lesser incisions and discomfort. Threads are inserted into the skin through tiny slits and are pulled to adjust the underlying tissues. You get the same results in a much simpler and effective way.


Square Root provides a safe, non-invasive and extremely effective skin rejuvenation treatment, microdermabrasion. The treatment exfoliates the damaged and dead skin layer highly refined micro-particles. Our microdermabrasion uses dense laser-cut diamonds as micro-particles. The process encourages the natural production of collagen and elastin. With better blood circulation you get a flow-less radiant appearance.

Laser skin resurfacing

The laser is a boon to the cosmetic treatments. It has brought a solution to many skin problems. The laser is effective in treating fine lines, acne, scars, blotches, etc. It can treat the aging signs on almost all the parts of your body and give you a complete rejuvenation. The laser treatment at square root is done with great precision considering your skin type, issues, and expectations. Our devices are certified and adhere to world standards. With the integrated cooling system, it causes minimal discomfort and provides extra-ordinary results.

Radio-frequency skin tightening

One of the major problems that come with aging is loose and saggy skin. The radio-frequency treatment is a blessing for the people who are willing to do away with these issues. If you do not wish to opt for other invasive methods of rejuvenation, RF skin tightening is optimal for you. The square root offers treatment with the latest Intragen RF technology. It is extremely safe and brings back your youth with perfect facial contours.

Skin needling treatment

Although the procedure involves needles, it is non-invasive. Tiny and fine needles are inserted into the first layer of your skin. This stimulates the production of collagen and provides firmness to the skin. With the skin needle treatment at the square root clinic, you can get free from aging signs and get a buoyant look.


It is a minor surgical method of restoring the blossom on your face. These are highly successful in treating depressions caused by cutaneous scars. These scars are tethered to the tissues underneath. The fibrotic strands of these tethering are broken with the help of needles. This induces collagen production for healing. Subcision at square root clinic which is the best skin clinic in gurgaon is safe and provides excellent repair to reinstate your flawless look.

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