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An individual planning to do a hair transplant is usually left with two main options, either FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation also known as Strip Method) or the better alternative, FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction), in order to make the right choice, it is preferred to have a better understanding of both procedures. FUE: Follicular unit extraction (FUE), also referred to as follicular transfer (FT), is an acutely invasive hair transplantation technique i.e. no surgical methods are practiced, the process involves the individual removal of follicular unit grafts (commonly referred to as hair follicles) from the donor territory of the patient’s scalp and then transplanted individually to the recipient (thinning) territory. FUE procedures have recently become increasingly popular within the hair transplants community due to its rapid development. With recent inventions including new handheld devices and most significant is the introduction of the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System such innovations make FUE the reliable option.
FUT: Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is the result of advancement in hair transplant over decades. A follicular unit is a group or clump of hairs that grow in a singular unit and separated by soft tissues between the follicles. In FUT, a microscope is used to dissect those follicular units in a process called microscopic dissection. The units are later transplanted in a way that closely resembles naturally growing hair. FUT is now recognized by the hair transplant surgeons and researcher as a reliable method of hair replacement surgery for both male as well as female pattern alopecia

Which is The Better Hair Transplant Technique

In order to decide the best amongst the two options, we need to assess the advantages of both techniques.
Hair transplant surgeons that rely on FUT claim that FUT gives the highest yield of hair, which is true for many cases (but not enough to be an established fact). If the patient’s sole goal is achieving the maximum potential of hair restoration from the procedure, FUT could be considered. There are plenty of reasons for this, one of which are the precision of stereo-microscopic dissection, another reason is the ability to effectively harvest from a wider range of area within the donor-zone.
Although this is a major advantage, FUE has a whole lot of reasons that would make it the better option, compared to FUT.

Why FUE Better than FUT?

  • Less healing time: On average FUT takes 10 days for complete recovery from the linear scars, but when it comes to FUE, many patients are able to go to work and practice their normal lives the next day after the procedure.
  • No discomfort: Unlike FUT, there is essentially no discomfort in the donor area when it comes to FUE.
  • No visible scars in donor area: FUE leaves linear scars in donor areas, which is unconcealable for patients who prefer to wear their hairs short, but FUT allows the patients to wear their hairs short, and in cases when the patient has a history of keloids or stretched scars, FUT is the best and only option.
  • No workout limitations: Patients of FUE may carry out any form of exercise right after FUE, patients of FUT are required to abstain from any form of rigorous exercise for a month after the operation in order to avoid scar widening.
  • The alternative for patients with tight scalps: scalp laxity is a scale that describes the difficulty by which the scalp of a patient is able to stretch when tension is placed on them. And because FUT decreases scalp laxity, a patient undergoes FUE as the alternative if they have undergone a previous FUT that led to a tight scalp, or in the rare cases where a patient has a naturally tight scalp.
  • Alternative for patients with greater risk of donor area scarring: if the patient is young, or very muscular, and for athletic patients, also for cases that have a history of keloid scarring or poor healing, there is an increased risk of donor scarring with FUT, so FUE is the best option for those cases.
  • Repairs FUT scars: if the patient went through FUT that led to a widened donor scar, those scars can be concealed with the help of FUE.
  • Other advantages of FUE include the ability to use hair from the nape of the neck for hairline and the eyebrows and opens the possibility to harvest hair from beard or body hair.
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