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General Skin Problems Found in Female?

There is no doubt in this that skin and hairs are very precious to everyone. But, for women both skin and hair are way too important and they would do anything to improve them and save them from any damage. Well, as far as skin problems are concerned, women generally face many problems. These problems create a lot of irritation and generally, women end up stressed because of such issues. Let’s see which common problems do women have:

1. best skin specialist in gurgaonAcne: This common problem is prevalent in many women. This acne could be caused by bacteria called p. acnes. If there is excessive oil on your skin, then also acne could be seen. Therefore, people with oily skin should wash their face regularly. Another factor behind acne is the hormone named “androgen”. If androgen becomes excessive in the body, then acne could be seen. Tight clothes should be also avoided as they could become the reason behind increasing acne.

2. Top skin clinic in gurgaonLiver spots: These spots could be caused by excessive sun rays on the skin. The ultraviolet rays can damage your skin if it undergoes excessive sun exposure. Therefore, excessive sun exposure should be avoided and even the sun-screen cream won’t help you much with this problem. The only effective solution to this problem is less skin exposure to sun rays on the face

3. skin care clinic in gurgaonWhite spots: These spots are another problem for which sun could be blamed. The sun rays can cause these white spots if your skin gets damaged. When the skin cells get damaged then these spots occur.

4. skin tightening treatment in gurgaonStretch marks: These marks look bad and they become very difficult to avoid especially after pregnancy. Moisturizing your skin could help this problem a little bit. Stretch marks could also be seen during the excessive weight loss or weight gain.

Whatever kind of skin problems you are suffering from, better to take the expert advise. Square Root is one of the Best Skin Clinic in Gurgaon offering all types of skin solutions.

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