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What is Meant by Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is one of the surgical procedures in which the hair follicles are transplanted on the scalp from another part of the body. The part of the body which is involved in taking out the follicles are known as the donor site and the other part of the body where the follicles are being placed is known as recipient site.

Is Hair Transplant permanent?

The entire procedure of hair transplantation is usually permanent and doctors make sure to take the follicles from the areas where the hair loss will not occur. Once the surgery gets complete, the patient will experience the hair fall, but it is not the matter of concern as they will grow back within six months. The surgeons prescribe the good medication that strengthens the hair follicles and prevent the hair loss of non-transplanted hair after the surgery.

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What Are Different Types Of Hair Transplant?

There are a number of hair transplantation procedures which include ARTAS, FUE, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or the strip method.

  • In the strip method, the tissue is removed from the scalp and it is transplanted in groups of one to four units called follicular units.
  • In FUE method surgeons make sure to make a hole in the donor site with a punch and place the taken follicles at the recipient site.
  • n ARTAS method the doctor uses the specially designed robotic hair transplantation procedure which performs the procedure of FUE hair transplantation. This is the faster hair transplantation method till date and it is quite good from the traditional procedure.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Hair Transplant Surgery?

One cannot tell the exact time of recovery from hair transplantation surgery, as the recovery is based on the type of procedure that is used by the surgeons. An approx. the time that FUE type of hair transplantation surgery takes is about a week whereas the recovery from a FUT type of hair transplantation takes many weeks.

Cost for Hair Transplant Surgery in Gurgaon, India

The cost of hair transplantation in Gurgaon varies because of various reasons including, examination, time of treatment, precautions, conditions, and procedure. So, it is difficult to provide the exact estimation of hair transplant. But a rough estimation is possible which may include Rs 18 per graft To Rs 63 per graft for FUE procedure.

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