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How it feels calling you Aunty at the age of twenty due to your dull face!! Acne and pimples leave a scar on the face which is hard to remit. In fact, acne scar may lead to losing our self-confidence. Our beauty defines the real meaning of our personality. Wearing Formal clothes will not be enough itself if we are not able to keep our face impressive.

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Acne scar leaves too many cuts and marks which can not be removed by using many antiseptic creams or homemade remedies. Oral medications prove to be ineffective in such cases. Once acne happens, it is hard to improve the skin tone permanently as temporary acne & pimples leave permanent scars on the face which are hard to resolve through medication & creams.

Square Root is one of the reputed Skin Clinics in Gurgaon offering laser skin treatments through qualified and experienced Dermatologists. Dr. Jyotirmay Bharti is well-known dermatologist who is serving the patient with the clear & clean skin by removing scars, Pimples, Wrinkles, Blemishes. Laser resurfacing method helps to smoothen the skin tone and remove anti-aging marks. It helps to tighten the skin and lead to the younger glowing skin. The procedure may involve cosmetic surgical methods to have acne scar free skin tone.

Dr. Jyotirmay Bharti is the renowned Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon in Gurgaon who will guide about how to undergo laser surfacing treatments. You may be asked not to intake any medication, supplements, aspirin prior to surgery that may lead to blood clotting. You may be asked to stop smoking as smoking leads to late healing. Antibiotic medicine will be given in advance to stop bacterial infection and antiviral medication to reduce the chances of fever blisters or cold sores.

The treatment of acne or scar will entirely depend upon the severity of marks you are having on your face. Better to take timely consultation with the doctor to get permanent and proven Acne skin treatment in Gurgaon.

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