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Hair Loss May Cause Low-Quality of Life for Men than for Women

Does hair loss cause low-quality of life for men than for women? This one is a no brainer here, and a recent Malaysian study showcased the kind of impact that hair loss brings in men’s and women’s psych.
The study concluded that immensity of negative impact on men was far more than that in the case of women. Though the number of male participants was comparatively more than that of the female participants. There were 84 men against a total of 41 women in the study which was conducted on 125 participants in total all of whom were over 20 years of age.

The Effects of Hair Loss on Human Psych

The female pattern baldness is extensively considered as a cosmetic issue and it is very rare to see baldness in women. Whereas, when it comes to males, it is very common and it comes along with a huge psychological impact. Numerous studies have found out how hair loss in men is not only confined to the part where there is loss of hair. It eventually turns out to be more of a loss of pride, self-confidence, self-esteem, and there are studies that show that men often turn to drugs and alcohol. This unhealthy way of dealing with hair loss has been seen prominent by most men in different studies. Malaysian research found out through a series of questionnaires that the quality of life men believed they were living was directly proportional to the immensity of hair loss they suffered. One of the most prominent reasons that hair loss results in a low-quality of life for men is because of the fact that hair loss is prominent in the case of men. The area of baldness is obvious and the receding hairline is evident. In the case of women its more like thinning. The second reason is that women can hide it easily behind their numerous hair-styles that women have been pulling off for ages. This little trick helps them get past the psychological impacts of hair loss.

Employees have Severe Impacts

Another study found out that the people working in various companies were more prone to the psychological impacts due to the loss of hair than the unemployed. The quality of life of both the men and women who went through hair loss while being employed was lower than those going through hair loss while being unemployed. There can be a scenario where to an unemployed individual the looks and hairline were not the most significant of the things to worry about. However, the correlation between hair loss and anxiety can not be disregarded. Everyone has their own way of dealing with problems, worries, challenges. While some of the ways are practical and realistic the others may not be well-advised. The best solution in such cases is to analyze the problem and get an expert’s opinion from Square Root which is one of the best hair treatment clinic in gurgaon and ncr region. We strive to work for a better version of you and the best way for you to deal with any such situation is to let us know your problems. So that we can work out ways to benefit you the most.

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