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Is Hair Transplantation Permanent? How costly is Hair Transplant? How should I choose the Right Clinic for Hair Transplant?

Everything you need to know about Hair Transplant. Learn from the best Hair Transplant Surgeon: Dr. Jyotirmay Bharti

Hair Transplant Gurgaon

Hair is a sensitive topic for men and women of any age. It affects your confidence and overall personality. Statistics show that Indian men are now tackling the issue of baldness as early as in their 20s. Study says about 46 percent of men between ages 21 and 31 suffer from Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). Growing self awareness about one’s appearance and societal pressure are all turning out to be potential drivers for the hair transplant market.

Pollution, generic reasons, unhealthy lifestyle are some of the reasons why Indian men and women are suffering from early baldness or hair thinning problems. People are opting for the hair transplant to achieve the total gain of the aesthetic cosmetic surgery.

Hair transplant is a simple surgical procedure that moves hair follicles from one part of the body to another part of the body. One can get hair transplants done even at clinics, spas etc. at affordable price range from 50-200 rupees per graft. Ease of availability is another key reason for the increased number of transplants in metro cities of India. A survey by Frost and Sullivan has noted that the organized segment in the hair transplant market is set to grow at a CAGR of more than 25 percent in select metros.

So, let’s know more about the hair plantation

If one topic catches your eye feel free to skip:

  1. Let’s begin with the most common question: Is the transplanted hair permanent?
  2. How to choose the best hair transplant surgeon for you?
  3. What is the success rate of hair transplant surgery?
  4. Which solution is the best for you?
  5. What is the cost of a hair transplant?
  6. What are the complications or risks of the surgery?
  7. Does transplanted hair grow?: The science behind hair plantation
  8. Is it normal to lose transplanted hair?: Everything you need to know about Shock loss
  9. Will I need another hair transplant procedure in the future?
  10. Is it a painful procedure?

Know all about it from the most trusted hair transplant surgeon ~ Dr. Jyotirmay Bharti

1. Let’s begin with the most common question: Is Hair Transplantation Permanent?

If you are suffering from baldness or severe hair fall and looking for permanent solution to fix the problem then hair transplant is perfect for you.

To decide the effectiveness of procedure, you need to understand the science behind the process first. Main reason for hair fall is a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone is responsible for causing hair thinning issues.

Typically, in transplantation procedure your physicians will remove healthy hair follicles from thicker parts of the scalp, or other parts of the body. It is then grafted to fill in your thinning or balding areas.

Important fact is these transplanted hairs are resistant to DHT and they’ll continue to grow even though the non-transplanted hairs around them continue to fall out. These hairs will grow in the same way as those in the donor area, creating a natural, fuller head of hair. This is the reason why hair transplants are a permanent natural solution for you.

2. The First step is always the most important thing to consider: How to choose the best Hair Transplant Surgeon for You?

Hair transplant is a type of cosmetic surgery as well as art where hairline designing is a crucial part. Best hair transplant result needs transplanted hair to look natural & real. Now to choose the best hair transplant center; you should see how well equipped the center is with Latest technologies. Must meet the surgeon, Check Experience past patient’s reviews, before you make a decision.

At Square Root clinic (Gurgaon), Dr. Jyotirmay Bharti has over 10 years of experience & she is knowledgeable Dermatologist and Cosmetologist in Gurgaon. Square Root is one of the leading healthcare destinations in India for all of your hair & skin related queries with currently three hair transplant & Skin centers in portfolio.

"FUE Hair Transplant" at Square Root is rated 5/5 based on 394 customer reviews.

If you’re considering a hair transplant at Square Root, do not hesitate to ask these questions:

  • Is hair transplantation a right solution for me?
  • Which procedure (FUT or FUE) is best for me?
  • How do I prepare for surgery?
  • Will I need time off from work after my surgery?
  • How soon can I expect to see the results?
  • What would be the cost of the procedure?
  • Will I need another hair transplant procedure in the future?

3. Important fact one must know about the success rate of hair transplant surgery?

Every person undergoing this transplant surgery worries about the percentage of successful hair transplantation that can be expected. Your surgeon’s experience and technical expertise are important factors contributing to the success of hair transplant.

The surgery is considered successful if:

  • The grafts survive and adapt to the new area in which they were transplanted.
  • Person’s natural appearance is maintained

Graft survival: As the hair follicles are “donated” from your own body, so there is very little chance of rejection. Studies have shown that approximately 85-95% of all the implanted hairs will grow in the transplanted area. This high percentile highlights the success rate of hair transplantation.

Natural appearance: Success of surgery is also attributed to natural look and customer satisfaction. A surgeon must be careful about the color and textures of follicles as well as angles and direction of placement to match a person's natural look. Advanced FUE techniques use sharp, high precision tools to match desired growth angle. This can definitely trigger naturalness in your stimulated hairs.

At Square Root follicular units are arranged into groups depending on the number of hairs contained within each follicle (1-4 hairs are commonly found within each follicle). The placement of these follicular units is what sets the stage for SQUARE ROOT natural-looking results and artistic difference.

Hair Transplant Gurgaon

4. What are the Available Options & which One is Best for Me?

There are two types of treatment for hair transplant and both available at our clinic

  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT): Transplant of the follicular grafts to the recipient site.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): Individual follicular units are removed from the donor site to be transplanted into the recipient site.

For FUT, a doctor would remove strips of tissue from the donor area, and tiny cuts are then made in the scalp for the follicular unit grafts to be carefully placed into. For FUE, individual hair follicles are extracted directly from the patient’s donor area and then moved to the hair transplant site using a specialized micro-surgical needle.

FUE is considered as more advantageous due to its 100% natural look, painless and quick treatment with faster recovery time. If you are looking for the best solution, you need to consider the final effects, costs and limitations of both these procedures. Discuss with your experienced surgeon & as per your individual needs, he or she will recommend the best suitable option for you.

5. Let’s talk about some numbers: What is the cost of a hair transplant?

The most deciding factor for choosing hair transplantation is cost for the entire process. There are few clinics in Gurgaon offering reasonable packages. In India the cost of hair transplant per graft varies from Rs.25/- To Rs 50/- means overall cost for complete hair transplant procedure can be Rs 20,000/- To Rs. 1,00,000/ rupees. The basic cost of a hair transplant depends on the number of grafts, area of implantation or type of baldness.

Square Root is India's most premium economical hair transplant & restoration center. The approximate cost for 500 - 1000 grafts ranges between Rs. 2000-4000. As the majority of the grafts or follicular units contain 2-3 hairs, so for example, if you are paying for 1000 grafts, you will get approximately 2500 hair transplants and there are no hidden charges. We are very flexible to meet each customer’s needs & if you have chosen us for hair transplant then you can get tailor made treatment at reasonable cost.

6. Know about the risks: What are the complications or risks of the surgery?

As any other cosmetic surgery, there are few risks involved with hair transplantation.

Main concern is hair growth is less than expected, non-uniform, non-aesthetic manner or all of these. Sometimes, grafts may fall out and additional surgery may be required. Thus, when it comes to surgical hair restoration, it’s crucial to work with a surgeon who is experienced in the procedure and well known for best results.

Few patients may suffer from redness or swelling of area, wound from surgery causing itching or slight bleeding. These are temporary effects and your doctor will suggest medications to relieve this inflammation in a short period of time.

Other surgical complications include allergic reactions to anesthesia. However, if your doctor is well trained you do not have to worry about these risks. Thus, it is important for you to choose the best clinic.

7. Does transplanted hair grow? The science behind Hair Transplantation:

Both processes FUT and FUE work on basic principles wherein hair grafts (follicle or strip) are moved from the donor area and the recipient area. So, when these grafts taken from permanent or safe zones & are transplanted in your recipient area,1 they start growing in normal space. Also these grafts are insensitive to DHT there is less chance of falling out.

In the first few months, these hairs will recover and grow depending upon their growth cycle. Most patients can often have the results they're looking for in just one or two sessions. You must approach a skilled surgeon to see the result of the natural growth patterns.

Hair Transplant Gurgaon

8. Is it normal to lose transplanted hair? What you need to know about Shock loss?

Shock loss is a very common side effect patient experience post surgery, resulting in loss of hair either from the donor site or hair near the transplant site. Main reason behind shock loss is stress from the surgery.

Shock loss can be observed for transplanted hair or native hair. Falling of transplanted hair is a temporary effect. No need to worry, as these follicles are in the resting phase and grow back in a few months.

During surgery hair follicles surrounding the area may get damaged or the natural/native hairs may go into a resting phase of their growth cycle. When native hairs are prone to shock loss, you may experience accelerated loss of their natural hair. It is important to note that only hair falls off, not its roots. Thus, there is no permanent damage here. In 2-3 months time, these hairs will grow stronger and your natural look will be retained.

9. Answering one of the most searched query of hair transplant: Will I need another hair transplant procedure in the future?

If a patient's hair fall issue continues, increasing the bald patch on head, another surgery may be required to cover that patch. In the second case, if transplanted hairs fail to grow at expected rate, your doctor may suggest additional surgery to fill the thinning area.

10. Is hair transplant a painful procedure?

The new, advanced versions of hair transplant surgery are painless treatments at Square Root with the dose of local anesthesia. Most patients say they feel contact but no pain. Post surgery you may experience some mild pain for the first few days that can easily be managed by medications. Patients have achieved pain-free, natural, and satisfactory results at Square Root. Ultimately, if you want to leave your hair fall worries behind and enjoy a more youthful appearance; you must choose a physician who understands how to restore a fuller head of hair that looks natural.

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