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How to Care for your hairs in Summers?

Summer, of course, the season to enjoy and to have fun. How you will feel if you have to face damage of hairs!! Whatever the season is, it is our prime responsibility to take care of our body parts with proper guidelines and expert advice. Here we are highlighting some of the important care tips which are to be kept into consideration in this high humidity season:-

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  • It is not always possible but tries to cover your hairs with the scarf so that direct sunlight and dust could not harm the hairs. The scarf will protect the hairs with UV rays and will retain the moisture.
  • Avoid using chemical too much as it will spoil the scalp only.
  • Try to tie your hairs loose as it will help to pass out the air and prevent the accumulation of sweat.
  • Do not wash your hairs too much as it will ruin the natural moisture from the hairs. Whenever wash the hairs, try using branded and quality shampoo having high SPF.
  • Avoid using blow-dryer as the heat will spoil the hairs and will make the hairs frizzy.
  • Whenever you wash the hairs, try to use conditioner to maintain the extra moisture.
  • Make a habit of oiling the hairs regularly. At least, use the oils on scalp 8-10 hours before shampooing the hairs. It will nourish the hairs and will maintain relevant moisture.
  • Natural methods of conditioning like curds or eggs can be used on weekend basis.
  • While applying sunscreen on the skin, you may apply the fingers with residual sunscreen on the hairs and it will protect the hairs from the UV rays.
  • Do not use the brush so hard, instead use a wide-tooth comb to untangle the locked hairs.
  • Trim your hairs on regular intervals or after every 3 months. Regular trimming will lead to cure the split-ends.
  • If you have joined any swimming classes, you must follow some rules. Wet your hairs before entering into swimming pool. Take a shower after having a swim and then wash the hairs with shampoo. Never wash the hairs with shampoo before swimming.
  • Take balanced diet. Consume rich fiber food and healthy drinks. add smoothies in the morning.
  • No doubt, stress may also cause hair loss. So avoid taking the stress and start meditation.
  • Make a habit of regular walking or Jogging. Fitness exercise helps the people to maintain. healthy lifestyle.

Homemade care tips will help to prevent the hair fall and hair loss. Do not be so lazy. Spare some time to take care of your hairs. Still feeling to seek the consolation helps Contact Dermatologist for Best hair loss treatment in Gurgaon.

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