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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal is a technique where a laser-guided beam is used to get rid of hair from different parts of the body. This technique became commercial in 1995. These techniques can be either done by doctors in a clinic or even at home with some of the self-treatment machines.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser treatments have seen as the most effective techniques. Lasers have been differentiated on the basis of wavelength. There are many wavelengths that can be used for treatment. Wavelengths are described in nm. Different wavelength mark different types of laser. Here are the types of lasers used :
wavelength-488 nm or 514.5 nm
Color-turquoise or cyan or green
This laser wavelength is not in use.
wavelength- 694.5 nm
Color- deep red
This is very effective in pale skin types.
wavelength- 755 nm
Color- slight infrared
This can be for all skin types.
Pulse diode array
wavelength-810 nm
Color-slight infrared
They can be used for pale to medium skin color.
wavelength- 1064 nm
This laser is best for the darker tone of the skin.
Intense Pulsed light
wavelength-650 nm
These are not the laser.
This can be used for pale to medium skin color.

How Laser Hair Removal Works?

The curiosity may have begun in you that how does it work. The main aim of this laser treatment is to provide the maximum effect on the target tissue with the least effect on the surrounding tissues. Laser treatments have proved to be best for light skin and dark hair combination. Laser light is absorbed by darker objects. In this combination, the hairs become the main target. These treatments are used since 1997. This is even proved to be the best permanent hair removal technique. The efficiency of a treatment depends on the laser. This became quite popular. Different wavelengths target different types of hair follicles. The wavelength of 808 nm is used for the hairs on arms, cheeks, beard, and legs. The wavelength of 1064 nm is used for the scalp of hairs, pubic hairs, and armpits.

Advantages and Benefits of laser hair removal

Here is the list of advantages of laser hair removal: • Side Effects
It has been seen that laser hair removal has very few side effects. The side effects are minor. They do not create a big issue. They don't sustain for more time.
• Cost
The first cost of treatment can be an investment. But over the long run, expenditure on razors, hair removal creams can be saved. After having treatment, you no longer need to worry about the extra spending on other things. Not only money, the time given every time to go for a wax or using razors will also be reduced.
• Ingrown Hairs
After waxing or using razors, the ingrown hairs can be a big problem. Laser hair removal is very effective in the case of ingrown hairs. The problem of irritation is nearly finished. No more irritation caused by razors or burning by wax.
• Accuracy
Laser hair removal is an accurate treatment. They only work on targeted hair follicles. Even the darker skin can be treated by this. This is an advantage over Intense pulsed light.
• Speed
The treatment is a quick process. It doesn't require much time. The time which was earlier used for waxing or using razors is also saved. The time of treatment depends on the area to be treated. Though, it is a quick process.
• Effective
This treatment is proved as a successful one. The patient is seen to lose hair within 3-7 sessions of treatment. This is said to be an effective treatment for hair removal.
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