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Laser Treatment for Hair Removals!!

Having hairs on the scalp, Eye brows and Eye lashes are common but no one wants to face unwanted hair growth in other parts of the Body. People try several methods to cure the hairs like waxing, shaving, threading, trimming etc on Face, Underarms, Chest, Legs. These measures are temporary and painful at the same time. Threading leads to uncomforted, shaving may cause cuts, waxing is itself a painful procedure. Every single guy, be it female or male, wants to get rid of such hair removal techniques to save valuable time and money.

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Laser Hair Removal technique comes as an effective solution worldwide to cure the excess hair problems at reasonable costs and with no side-effects. Before availing laser hair treatments, one need to know the following things:-

1. This may not be permanent solution and it may take time to remove the hairs from the root.

2.In this process, hairs are not cut through the scalp, the aim is to damage the follicle so hair growth can be stopped.

3. It's a technical process performed through manual intervention. a laser beam is directly aimed at the hair so that pigment may absorb the light and create ample amount of heat to damage the follicle.

4. A single sitting is to enough. Initial sitting is done to know the side-effects. If first sitting goes well, other sittings are done to complete the hair removal sessions.

5. Sitting also varies as per the follicle cycles.

6. Results will also vary person to person and time to time.

7. Before applying laser hair removal treatment, one needs to remove all kind of makeups, perfumes, and de-tan the hairy skin.

8. Cost of laser hair removal treatment will also vary according to the area of individual skin, the quantity of the hairs and doctor’s perspective.

Before undergoing through the laser hair removal techniques, people are advised to read the basic effects and consequences. As doctors may not hold responsible all the time for negative effects. An initial counseling session can be arranged at Square Root to understand the Pros & Cons of Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Gurgaon.

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