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Understanding the Mental Struggle of Hair Loss

It’s not easy for anyone to go through hair loss. The most prominent reason of all is that we are all humans and it’s never easy for a human being to suffer any kind of loss. The sense of attachment that we develop with people, things, ways of life, etc. make us all feel the pain of separation in case of loss of any of these.
Two American doctors tried and studied the mental struggle that a person goes through during hair loss. More often than not the doctors or physicians often try to treat the person going through hair loss. However, they often tend to ignore the kind of psychological impacts that the hair loss has on the person.

Ignorance of Psychological Anguish Associated with Hair Loss

The physicians and doctors dealing with patients with hair loss issues often ignore the psychological impact of the issue. They are more concerned about the treatment of the problem at hand that they tend to miss out on the anguish that the suffering person has to go through all by himself/herself.
Studies indicate that the loss of hair can span its course among all different domains of the life of an individual. The socio-physical, spiritual, emotional, financial and existential domains are deeply impacted due to hair loss.
An article elaborated upon how significant the role of a doctor or a physician is in the process of addressing all forms of sufferings in order to treat the patient fully. The mindfulness and promotion of emotional intelligence in order to help the patient self-regulate himself/herself actually makes all the difference in the world.

How well do we understand the mental struggle of hair loss

Since we at Square Root believe in you and want you to take every obstacle coming towards you like a challenge and move past it, we are always beside you in the process. The support that you need the most in times of suffering is what makes us unique.
The center is not only equipped with world-class facilities but also has doctors and experts who would take care of everything. We at Square Root believe in providing you with the best treatments and our treatments include a friendly way of proceedings. Our objective is to address any and all kinds of issues that a person might be facing pertaining to hair loss.
Diagnosis and treatment are not the only essentials when it comes to hair loss. It is more of an emotional and sentimental problem as well. We aim to help you throughout the process so as to make sure you are comfortable and sound.

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