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Skin Tightening without Surgery – RF (Radio Frequency)

As you get older, your skin starts to age. Wrinkles and laugh lines develop along with other signs of aging such as dull skin tone, age spots, and sagging skin. This doesn’t sit well with many people as different people age at different rates- some may age well beyond their years due to factors such as illnesses, stress and more. So, what do you do to stop your skin from aging?
Well, there’s actually a lot that you can do. You could undergo surgery to get flawless, youthful looking skin but that is expensive and might be detrimental to your health. Another option is taking the non-surgical route. This involves tightening your skin through non-surgical means via RF lifting. So, what is that?
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RF Lifting

RF (radio frequency) lifting or skin tightening is a cosmetic treatment which uses radio frequency waves to heat your skin tissues and gets rid of loose skin and targets wrinkles and laugh lines.
RF lifting is non-surgical, unlike facelift which requires you to go under the knife.

The procedure of RF- Lifting

So, now that you know what the RF-lifting treatment is, how do you go about it? Well, it depends on a lot of factors including the part(s) of the body which you want to get treated. And yes, you can get all parts of your body treated by this method- and that’s not possible with surgery now, is it?
This is what makes RF lifting so much better. It’s a virtually painless procedure which leaves your skin looking youthful and glowing.
A handheld device is used to treat the skin that needs to be tightened. This device has generated the radio frequency waves at varying intensities which is controlled by an intensity adjustment feature on the device or a monitor which the device may be connected to. Your doctor might put a jelly-based liquid or cream on the skin intended to tighten but this solely depends on the doctor. Some may choose not to.
Again, it depends on your skin type and if you’ve ever had any skin related diseases or issues in your life. Next, your doctor will press the RF device to the area that needs to be tightened, sending RF waves into your skin. The RF energy transmitted into your skin will go straight through targeting old skin cells and kill them instantly, providing newer skin cells enough energy to develop and produce collagen. It can get really hot sometimes as well, depending on the intensity of the RF waves. You can trust your doctor to know what intensity works for your skin but if it gets too much, don’t be afraid to let your doctor know. It usually takes under an hour for each session and you may need anywhere between four and ten sessions to get the results you’re looking for. Your doctor will help determine this as well.

Advantages of RF

Advantages: Your skin gets to look beautiful and young again with no need to go under the knife. It’s extremely affordable and saves both time and money. Another benefit of using the RF technique is that it also helps you lose fat cells. Yes, seriously- the RF waves that go into your skin also target fatty tissues. What happens is that the heat released by the RF waves causes the fatty tissues to get destroyed as well. Women and men with cellulitis have reported that using this method has left them cellulitis-free. It’s a better option than any sort of surgical procedure which has the chance of going horribly wrong.

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