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Take Proper Care of Your Hair at Home!!

Human Personality depends on healthy and long hair. Every girl dreams of having beautiful hair but few of them possess it. There are many factors which are responsible for hair falls and hair damages like hectic work schedule, improper diets, work burden, stress and biological reasons. Both males and females can be seen experimenting on hair while using harmful colors and chemicals which eventually hurts the hair growths. Research shows. Generally, hair grows with one inch in a month and if your hair growth is less than the mentioned stats, you are advised to consult your nearest hair specialist Doctors.

When we talk about the overall human personality, Hair plays significant roles. Stress may be the reason of hair falls and hair falls may cause stress and both terms are overcoming each other. Loosing hair may harm your self-confidence and leads to negativity so better to adopt some home based remedies to cure the hair problems at your end:-

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  1. Hair Oiling:- Hair may get damaged with regular shampooing. Using conditioner will not be enough so better to oil your hair. You may use Coconut oil, Olive Oil or any branded hair oil. Try to use Hot or Luke warm hair oil for oiling as it will nurture the hair roots and will strengthen your hair.
  2. Massaging Scalp:- Hair are connected with the scalp through roots so it is essential to massage the scalp to nourish the roots. do not massage so hard, use finger tips, avoid using nails, and massage for 10-15 minutes at least. Massaging scalp will increase or regulate the blood circulation over the head or may help to remove headaches.
  3. Healthy Diets:- Add Proteins & Vitamins in your food. Adopt the healthy foods rich in iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, vitamin A, B, C, E. These minerals can be availed in milk, cheese, eggs, brown bread, juices, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Drink more water. Our food is indirectly related to healthy mind and healthy body.
  4. Take a Complete Nap:- No doubt, career, and personal life are important but both can go well if you are well. Take complete rest. Sleep at least 6-8 hours in a day. Make habit of sleeping at 10 PM in the night and wake up before 6 M. A regular sleeping habits will surely keep you fresh.
  5. Consume Herbs:- Working people find it difficult to consume healthy diets so they may use the rich supplements. take Vitamin B-Complex to grows your hair faster and longer. Vitamin E capsules can be used for massaging the scalp.
  6. Use Homemade Hair Masks:- There are various methods of making hair masks at home with the home available vegetables and nutrients. To make hair masks, potatoes, aloe vera, oils, egg yolk, honey, coconut milk, onions, and much more. Right methods can be searched through making Google on the internet.
  7. Be Stress Free:- As mentioned, Stress is the main reason of human hair falls so try to keep stress free. You may go for a walk, for a long drive or may jog early in the morning. Meditate daily or participate in fitness exercise. Play with kids and laugh as much as possible.

Your health is your priority so never compromise health issues for the sake of money or time. Find out effective ways to nourish your hair. If home remedies are not working for your hair problems, consult nearby Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Gurgaon before hair falls convert to baldness.

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