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Vitamins for hair fall 

Having healthy looking hair is not just a sign of beauty but signifies your overall health as well. Are you also the one who falls in the trap of those misleading advertisement promoting shampoos and conditioners for faster hair growth and prevent hair fall and are disappointed every time? Hair fall is a real issue faced by both men and women due to genetic, hormonal and various other factors like age and lifestyle. One such factor that determines the health of your hair is the diet you intake. Just like the other organs and parts of your body, hair needs several nutrients in order to grow and remain healthy. Apart from the usual macronutrients that we all know about, Vitamins have a vital role to play in preventing hair loss and keep your locks strong and beautiful. Here is why you need vitamins for hair and some of the vitamins that are essential for a healthier mane. 


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Which vitamins are good for your hair-fall control? 

When it comes to warding-off hair fall, Vitamins can be of utmost importance that forms an important part of your diet. Some of the vitamins that play an important role in promoting hair growth are

Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 is the most widely used and powerful hair supplement that makes your hair voluminous, improves the texture and repairs the fragile hair. Biotin is a water-soluble Vitamin that guarantees good health of your hair. Apart from the supplements, this vitamin can be richly found in food items such as peanuts, almonds, lentils, Mushrooms, eggs,and whole grains.

Niacin, which is also known as Vitamin B3 is a water-soluble Vitamin known for re-hydrating and nourishing the scalp by improving the blood circulation in the scalp and give more nutrition and oxygen to the scalp region. Niacin is also helpful in stimulating the hair follicles, thus giving you stronger and healthier hair. Foods that are rich in Niacin are avocados, peas, tuna, chicken breast, and peanuts.

Other Vitamin B
Apart from Biotin and Niacin, there are other subtypes of Vitamin B that are important in maintaining the lusture, support and strength to hair and ensures rapid hair growth. Food items that are rich in Vitamin B (B6 and B12) are sunflower seeds, milk, almond and green vegetables.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E, like Vitamin C, is an antioxidant that prevents the oxidative stress occurring due to any free radicals chiefly responsible for hair loss. Vitamin E locks in the moisture in the scalp and roots of the hair rendering stronger and shinier hair. Apart from supplements, various food items such as peanuts, fish, avocados and certain herbs are abundant in Vitamin E.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is an essential vitamin needed by other vital organs of the body as well. This vitamin is famous for giving the thickness and lusture to your hair, which will give you . This vitamin not only provides nourishment to your scalp but infuses antioxidants in your scalp preventing the dryness of your scalp. Foods rich in Vitamin A are egg yolk, mangoes, Carrots, milk, spinach, and dried apricots

How do you get the right vitamins for hair? 

  • Include a nutritious and well-balanced diet to your lifestyle consisting of more fresh vegetables, legumes, and fruits to replenish your body’s need for vitamins.
• If you are a non-vegetarian you must consume seafood, chicken to get your daily requirement of vitamins such as vitamin E for lustrous hair
• If you are unable to get your daily dose of Vitamins through food, you can take vitamins Supplements also for better hair growth.  


Can Vitamin E reduce hair fall  

Vitamin E, also known as Tocopherol is a fat-soluble Vitamin known for providing a lot of benefits to your hair due to its high antioxidant property. Vitamin E greatly helps in supporting and nourishing your scalp and is popular for reducing the oxidative stress, which is responsible for the weakening of the hair follicles, causing hair breakage and thus hair fall. Therefore, Vitamins can be a blessing for your hair health, rendering you lustrous mane, you have always desired.  

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