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What is Ophiasis Alopecia?

Ophiasis Alopecia is a disease which characterized by unique patterns of hair losses and this type of hair loss involves the sides and lower back of the scalp. It is a skin condition in which hair gets affected on head, body or nails. It is one of the common problems that affect 1.7% of people at some point in their lives. It is not a serious illness and nothing is hidden that doctors are required to look for.

What Does It Look Like?

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One will observe hairless patches that are usually round or oval in shape and it is a common form. Sometimes, this process starts at its back of the head and gradually it spreads towards the other sides and above the ears. It is very rare in case that it affects the whole head. If the body hair is also affected due to this problem then it is known as alopecia universalis. Some people can also observe small dents that look like a thimble or it may be damaged over a wider area, with a rough appearance. This can even affect other body’s hair structures such as eyebrows, beard hair in men, some areas of body hair, and the hair loss may be patchy or widespread. The edges of the patches can be seen easily.

How Does Ophiasis Alopecia Progress?

It progresses in a very irregular manner and one thing that one must keep it in mind is that it occurs in parts. Some may have only one affected part whereas some may have multiple affected parts. The parts of patches can vary in intensity, duration and in terms of the extent of the hair loss. There are few signs that allow a doctor to assess the progression of alopecia areata because it varies from one condition to other and it is very unpredictable. However, it seems to be acknowledged that appears in early childhood then there is a higher risk that it may get worse by the age. There are a number of intermediary stages and clinical and progressive forms that range from alopecia areata one single patch to the spontaneous growth within two months.

Causes Of Ophiasis

There is no such defined cause is discovered to date, but there can be some factors that cause Ophiasis Alopecia are

  • Stress
  • Emotional and psychosocial distress
  • The malfunction in the body immune system


To get rid of this problem, the best solution is to treat the immune system. Once the immune system gets recovered eventually it will naturally resolve the hair loss. Other than this way, if people want to win the hair loss war then apply keratin fibers that are safe, natural and affordable.

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