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nb uvb treatment in gurgaon

Narrow Band UVB Light Treatment Clinic Gurgaon

Narrow band UVB light treatment utilizes the optimal part of the UVB light spectrum in order to reduce growth of psoriasis lesions or re-pigmentation of natural skin color.

Further, narrow band UVB light is capable of finishing the Erythemal response also. This treatment is highly effective against diseases and offers faster clearing and less sun burning. It is also considered safer in comparison to biologics.

Narrowband UVB lights also behave as an important means to cure Vitiligo. Moreover, the UVB narrowband lamps for vitiligo don’t need any photo-sensitizing agents.

  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty): This procedure is used for reshaping the tummy. In this procedure, excessive skin is removed from the middle and lower abdomen and the focus is on tightening the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall.
  • Eyelid surgery: This process pertains to reshaping of the eyelids or applying permanent eyeliner. It focuses on reshaping the upper or lower eyelid through proper positioning of the extra tissue.
  • Breast enlargement: One of the most common processes associated with Cosmetic surgery is breast enlargement. This technique involves utilization of fat grafting, saline or silicone gel prosthetics.
  • Breast reduction: The breast reduction procedure is done by removing skin and glandula tissue. It is beneficial for women who suffer from back/shoulder pain due to large breasts.
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