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Prp Hair Treatment

Prp Hair Treatment in Gurgaon

PRP – Advanced Non invasive Hair Regrowth Therapy

Todays Hair loss is very common problem across the world, which both male and female experience at some point of time during their life span. However with correct treatment at the right time, those receding hair falls can be controlled and regrown again.

In recent time, Medical science has brought forth lot of innovative treatments for people who are suffering from excessive hair loss. While hair transplantation is good option for those having large bald area however those who is experiencing extreme hair falls but did not reach to baldness stage, PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is the most innovative treatment available and gaining rapid popularity.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment?

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a non-surgical treatment for people suffering from hair loss where your own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) extracted from your blood is injected into the scalp skin, then the growth factors in your blood cells do their job and hair growth is naturally stimulated.

Platelets are the clotting cells of our blood having potential of faster healing, which release growth factors in the blood that augments the healing process. PRP treatment is ideal for both men and women. Dermatologist recommends 4-6 sessions with interval of approx. 4-5 weeks between each session for getting optimum results.

How PRP Therapy is performed at SQUARE ROOT?

Our dermatologist thoroughly examine the scalp to check the affected area, then draw approx. 20 ml blood from the patient and then by using centrifuged machine, PRP is separated and removed from the rest of the blood. After this process, doctor gives topical anaesthesia to ensure that no pain is experienced while injecting PRP in to the scalp on the target area.

What is complete of PRP Process?

Human blood contains mesenchymal stem cells that have growth factors and development of various aspects of the body are harvested, treated and then injected into your scalp, which stimulates the better hair growth.

Sampling of Blood

To begin with PRP process, doctor takes out blood sample from the body using sterilized needles and then transferred back in to the required PRP vials.

Platelets Separation

Post blood is drawn, it is spun in the centrifuge machine for some time which separates the blood components.

Growth Factors & Concentration of Plasma

After platelet separation, plasma gets divided into three parts, which are red blood cell, platelet poor plasma & rich plasma. Eventually growth factors are separated and diluted in plasma for final scalp injections.

Injecting PRP

Once growth factors are separated from blood then the same is transfused into scalp carefully. Though it is a painless treatment however doctor also uses topical anesthesia to avoid any pain.

What is the Cost of PRP?

Cost of PRP treatment varies & dependent on few factors like equipment used, doctor experience, number of sessions required etc.

What are the advantages of PRP treatment?

2-3 PRP sessions boosts growth of new Hair naturally. It also leads to reduction of further hair fall.

6-8 sessions increases and thickens Hair volume & growth.

There are no scars, no cut and its non-invasive procedure.

Its safe procedure as its done using your own blood hence there is no risk.

There is now down time or recovery time, one can go to work immediately after that the treatment.

How effective is PRP Therapy for Hair loss?

As baldness and hair thinning have become common among men and women, the innovative method of activating your dormant follicle to stimulate your hair growth seems to be more prudent. Over a small span of time, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy has become a remarkable therapeutic option for both male and female experiencing hair loss. PRP treatment is a non-surgical and state-of-the-art technique for inducing hair growth for patients who have suffered from extreme hair loss.

The human blood contains essential and specific growth factors that aid in tissue regeneration and healing. In the field of hair restoration, these growth factors have proved themselves to be more effective in promoting hair growth. These growth factors are present in platelets that are processed and separated out from your blood through the centrifugation process. These platelets and associated growth factors induce the growth of hair follicles by stimulating the stem cells and other micro-environments of the follicle. It has the ability to power an inactive or newly implanted hair follicle into the active growth phase. These factors, including VEGF(Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) and PDGF(Platelet-Derived Growth Factor), have shown to induce follicular growth and result in the strengthening of receding hair that results into a fuller, denser and healthier head of hair. Therefore the PRP results have proven to be extraordinary and effective for both men and women suffering from hair loss.

Are there any side effects of PRP?

Since PRP is done using the patient’s own blood hence there is very low probability that anything can go wrong, however there may be some possibilities of a few side effects

Some people might feel some pain however doctor uses local anaesthesia to avoid any pain.

Some tiny amount of bleeding may happen at the site where injections were given however the same will subside in few hours.

In few cases, mild redness or swelling may happen however it will subside in some time.

What should be keeping in mind before going for PRP therapy?

Stop use of blood thinner before 5-7 days of Treatment.

Head should be washed with antibacterial shampoo before the treatment.

Smoking must be avoided at least a week before the treatment.

Consumption of alcohol should be strictly avoided.

Take healthy breakfast before going for the treatment.

Aftercare PRP treatment

The PRP treatment that is the Platelet-rich plasma treatment is one of the most popular least invasive methods to treat excessive hair loss. The Square Root clinic in Gurgaon is one of the top hair treatment clinics for minimal invasion no scar treatments. The clinic is your best option for PRP treatment.

Although the PRP is a non-invasive technique, it does require some post-treatment care to ensure a speedy and safe recovery.

You may take shower 24 hours after the procedure. You can also use mild shampoo but avoid any scrubbing to the area of injection. You should also avoid public pools and hot tubs for 48 to 72 hours to mitigate infection risk.

If you use hair colors to enhance your look then you are advised to refrain from it for a few days. However, after three to four days you can color your hair. You should limit the sun over the treatment area for two days. Wearing a hat will protect the area from the sun and will also add to your style statement.

Doctors also advise staying away from alcohol and smoking for at least three days. The use of caffeine and nicotine in any form should be avoided.

You must abstain from using anti-inflammatory medicines for a minimum of 2 weeks after the procedure as these medicines tend to suppress the initial healing process.

How PRP is so beneficial?

PRP has turned out to be the most effective treatment to restore hairs irrespective of the reason for baldness. The square root is the most trusted clinic for no scar hair fall treatment and provides outstanding outcomes with PRP treatment. The popularity of PRP treatment is attributed to a number of benefits that it comes with.

A non-surgical and non-invasive procedure:- PRP is a simple and non-invasive procedure. Instead of making incisions, PRP therapy is performed using tiny thin needles. Your own plasma-rich platelets are injected into your scalp.

Simple and short procedure:- The PRP procedure is a simple and comfortable process. It is a quick therapy method that gets over usually in 60 to 90 minutes. PRP is also a very safe method of treating baldness.

Simple post-treatment care and quick recovery:- As PRP therapy is done with absolutely no slitting and scratching, the aftercare is simple and requires lesser restrictions and precautions. You can continue with your regular daily routine after the procedure. Only a few, understandable, and easy precautions can ensure swift and safe healing.

Natural hair growth and suitable for all:- PRP treatment for restoration of hairs is suitable for both men and women. The treatment uses your own blood to promote hair growth. It produces fuller end result with extremely natural and healthier looking hairs.

Is PRP Therapy Painful?

It is common to have a fear of pain before undergoing any therapy or procedure. The PRP treatment allow you to undergo a pain-free procedure with minimal discomfort. Platelet Rich Plasma method of hair fall treatment is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment that regenerate hair follicles and regrow hair. It is an ideal method for people who suffer from hair thinning and hair fall that leads to baldness. Platelet-rich plasma method uses concentrated form of plasma,which is composed of protein-rich growth factors derived from your own blood. The growth factors are derived from the plasma through the process of centrifugation which separate plasma from the Red Blood Cells and White Blood Cells.

As anesthesia is always administered before the PRP injection, the procedure becomes absolutely painless without any discomfort. Therefore, there is no need to panic as the PRP treatment method is a minimally invasive and safe method without any pain. There is no risk of allergic reactions or side effects as your own blood is utilized for this process.

PRP or Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy is a medical treatment used to induce natural hair growth. It came to practice post 1980s and is routinely used either in isolation or along with other hair restoration procedures.

It is a three step process:

  • Blood is drawn from other part of your body, typically your arm.
  • It is then swirled in a centrifuge to split it into red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma and platelet-rich plasma.
  • The platelet-rich plasma portion is injected into the scalp. A local anesthesia may be given.
You must check with your doctor before conducting PRP therapy, especially if you are diagnosed with following conditions –
  1. Blood thinning
  2. Chronic infections
  3. Platelet dysfunction syndrome
  4. Excessive smoking or alcohol usage
  5. Cancer
  6. Chronic skin/ liver disease
PRP therapy has shown to have satisfactory results among a large number of people. It is a simple and cost-effective hair restoration method used to treat male pattern or female pattern baldness. Although many cases have registered high patient satisfaction, the PRP therapy is still in an initial stage of research. More clinical evidence is awaited to prove its efficacy.

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