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Feb 2020
Laser Hair Removal: Benefits, Side Effects, cost and much more By Square Root

Do you know, hair is the fastest growing tissue in your body? If you are tired of routine hair removal options like waxing, threading, shaving or tweezing and are looking for a more effective solution, then laser hair removal is one of the few options that offer a permanent approach.

Dec 2019
Difference between Skin Tightening and Botox By Square Root

This corrective treatment is FDA-endorsed and gives genuine results that can be seen rapidly. It really fixes and smooth out the face to give the skin a more youthful look.

Nov 2019
5 Main Causes of Hair Loss in Women By Square Root

Hair loss in women is only that when a woman encounters sudden overwhelming loss of hair. By and large, individuals shed from 50 to 100 single hairs for each day.

Nov 2019
Why Chemical Peels are better than Parlour Facials By Square Root

The Chemical Peel is the new advancement where the compound substance is applied to the skin to make it rankle and afterward when dries out it is stripped from the skin to make it look more brilliant.

Sept 2019
All you need to know about PRP By Square Root

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is also called autologous conditioned plasma. It is a treatment in which platelet-rich plasma protein is taken from the entire human body.

Sept 2019
10 ways to look young in this festive season By Square Root

Festivals bring joy, excitement and a lot of fun. The spirit is high and everyone is filled with great energy and youthfulness. When there is so much enthusiasm in the ambiance,

Sept 2019
10 Best Pre-Bridal Beauty Packages By Square Root

The skin is the best accessory, especially for a woman. Taking care of skin is more important than covering it up. And, when it is about the wedding, she is the show stopper.

Aug 2019
Laser Hair Removal Treatment By Square Root

Laser hair removal is a technique where a laser-guided beam is used to get rid of hair from different parts of the body.

Aug 2019
Hair Loss Treatment By Square Root

The most significant part when it comes to discussing the hair loss treatments is the question that needs to be addressed.

July 2019
FUE Vs FUT By Square Root

An individual planning to do a hair transplant is usually left with two main options

March 2019
Vitamins for hair fall By Square Root

Having healthy looking hair is not just a sign of beauty but signifies your overall health as well.

January 2019
Tips to take good care of your hair By Square Root

Your hair is your best accessory. Take good care of it. Here are some tips on how to take care of your hair and keep it healthy.

January 2019
PRP Treatment for Hair Loss By Square Root

PRP therapy for hair loss is a three-step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp.

December 2018
Myths about Laser Hair Removal By Square Root

Many people nowadays prefer laser hair removal treatment to get rid of their unwanted hairs but still there are a large portion of people who are hesitant to take the treatment because of some myths and rumors that exist about laser hair removal.

December 2018
Myths About Hair Transplant By Square Root

Over some last few years, there were many new inventions in the field of hair transplant treatment; however, among the general population, there are still many misconceptions.

November 2018
Most Common Myths About Laser Hair Removal Treatment By Square Root

Laser hair removal treatment is a one-time investment and cost definitely more than waxing or shaving but if you weigh its price against the duration of its effects then it’s worth investing for.

August 2018
Do Environmental Factors Result in Hair Loss By Square Root

If you are happy with your family’s good track record in the follicular department and think it is insurance against losing your hair, think twice. Environmental factors may be contributing to the condition which also affects your hair.

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July 2018
Is Hair Transplant The Solution For Hair Loss? By Square Root

A number of people are suffering from hair loss which later becomes baldness. Both men and women in today`s world are facing such a problem, therefore, doctors have emerged with a permanent solution to regain the hairs, i.e. Hair Transplant.

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July 2018
Laser Hair Removal Pre and Post Treatment Precautions By Square Root

Laser hair removal treatment is in trend these days and people are really very keen to go through the treatment and get rid of unwanted hair growth.So, here are some of the pre-treatment precautions and post-treatment precautions:

July 2018
What is Fillers and Its Need By Square Root

Fillers are particles that are being used in the materials such as composite material, concrete, and plastics that lowers the consumption of expensive binder materials and make some properties better

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July 2018
Monsoon Skin Care Tips By Square Root

Monsoon brings a fun loving time in everyone`s life. The season is not only pleasing, but it also enables people to enjoy the delicious and seasonal eatables like sweet corn, black plum (Jamun), lychee, etc.

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APR 2018
Top Hair Transplant Clinic in Gurgaon By Square Root

Hair transplant is one of the surgical procedures in which the hair follicles are transplanted on the scalp from another part of the body. The part of the body which is involved in...

hair treatment clinic in gurgaon
APR 2018
What is Ophiasis alopecia? By Square Root

Ophiasis Alopecia is a disease which characterized by unique patterns of hair losses and this type of hair loss involves the sides and lower back of the scalp. It is a skin condition in which hair gets affected on head...

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APR 2018
What is Alopecia Totalis? By Square Root

Alopecia totalis is a type of alopecia areata in which the personal experience complete hair loss on the scalp. The hair loss begins with round shaped patches and later the patches spread over the entire head and gradually ...

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MAR 2018
How to Care for your hairs in Summers? By Square Root

Summer, of course, the season to enjoy and to have fun. How you will fell if you have to face damage of hairs!! Whatever the season is, it is our prime...

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OCT 2017
Get Tired of Having the Same Tattoo!! By Square Root

Having a Tattoo is good and comes as a part of fashion. People talk about the personality with the Stylish tattoo but no one talk about the side-effects of Tattoo

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SEPT 2017
Laser Treatment for Hair Removals!! By Square Root

Having hairs on the scalp, Eye brows and Eye lashes are common but no one wants to face unwanted hair growth in other parts of the Body.

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